Shutter Manufacturing Equipment

  • LPX-38 – NEW to the Industry.  Louver processing equipment, for automated drilling, pinning, stapling and tilt rod attachments.  Has optional clear-view notching and/or pilot hole drilling.  Five axis controlled by servos provide accuracy and speed.  Large touch screen for ease of use and control.  See Gallery for pictures and video.  Contact TMD for detailed specifications.
  • HSS-12- Stand alone Horizontal Scoring Saw for precision sawing of wood or composite material.  Capacity to handle material up to 12″ wide and 2″ thick
  • SBX – Automated Stile processing system using high speed tooling and servos to process shutter stiles. Options include;
    • Wood or Composite with or without Aluminum core insert
    • In-feed hopper with ability to handle butt, astrigal or rabbited material.
    • Out-feed stacking
    • Tension screw boring with hinge avoidance,
    • Construction screw boring
    • Side magnet pocket boring and pilot drilling
    • Hinge screw pilot hole boring
    • Dust collection hoods

Blind Manufacturing 

  • HSS-B12 – Horizontal Scoring Saw for the blind industry.  High speed, high precision scoring saw with HMI controlled feeds and speeds. System will accurately feed with a positioning in-feed pusher to handle a bundle of slat material and make cuts at programmed lengths. The saw incorporates in-feed and out-feed roller clamps along with robust vertical and horizontal clamps.

Coming Soon

  • Automated Louver Saw – TMD Design Team is currently working on this design.  The Horizontal Scoring Saw system can be configured with some very exciting features;
    • High speed positioning index to feed material through scoring blades
    • Smart hopper to hold up to 6 different louver sizes/colors enabling the operator to simply select which material they want to use form the HMI.
    • Louver end painting
    • Ability to run rail material through same system
    • Yield optimization software
    • Out-feed sorting
  • Rail processing equipment- Automated machinery to process rails and dowels for the shutter industry. Options include glue/dowel injection and center tilt rod relief notch.

Service and Parts

We offer, both, on-site service and parts for all TMD machinery and your existing legacy systems as well.

For a detailed system proposal or system specifications please submit an inquiry or contact us.